Grand Raffle Rules and Details


Ticket Sales


Team USA Grand Raffle ticket sales begin at midnight on June 11th, 2018, and end at 12:00pm on August 18th, 2018.


Team USA Grand Raffle tickets are sold at the following prices: $25 for 1 ticket or $100 for 5 tickets.

Purchase Methods and Details


Team USA Grand Raffle tickets ("tickets") can be purchased in-person from a Team USA Kendo member or coach. All in-person purchasers will receive one (1) physical raffle ticket per ticket purchase. At the time of purchase, Team USA Kendo members will retain one (1) receipt per ticket sold with the purchaser's relevant information (name, address, phone number, email address, ticket number). Tickets purchased in person will be numbered 1-1199.


Team USA Grand Raffle tickets ("tickets") can be purchased online at All online purchasers will receive an email confirmation with their ticket number(s) within 48 hours of purchase. Online tickets will be sent from teamusakendo@ Team USA Kendo will retain physical receipts of all tickets purchased online. Tickets purchased online will be numbered 1200-2000. 

Refunds and Returns

All Team USA Grand Raffle tickets ("tickets") sold are FINAL SALE ITEMS. There are no refunds on any raffle tickets sold.

Raffle Drawing

Time, Date, and Location

The Team USA Grand Raffle ("The raffle") drawing will be held on August 18th, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The drawing will be held during the Sayonara Party of the AUSKF Summer Camp. Exact time TBD. UPDATE - RAFFLE DRAWING WILL BE HELD LUNCHTIME DURING THE AUSKF SUMMER CAMP


The Team USA Grand Raffle ("the raffle") drawing will be conducted as follows:

  • All receipts retained by Team USA Kendo members will be placed in a container during the Sayonara Party.
  • Receipts will be mixed at random in view of Sayonara Party attendees.
  • An impartial member of AUSKF will draw single raffle receipts and read out the ticket number and name of raffle winner for each prize offered. This process will be repeated for all prizes.
  • Raffle winners will be drawn in the following order: Raffle Prizes, Silver Prizes, Gold Prizes, Grand Prizes.

Raffle Winners

Rules and Details

Winners of the Team USA Kendo Grand Raffle ("winners") DO NOT need to be present at the time of the raffle prize drawing to win. Winners not present at the time of the raffle drawing will be notified by August 20th, 2018 of their status and asked to confirm shipping details for prizes won. Prize fulfillment for all prizes will begin no later than September 1st, 2018.

A list of raffle winners will be distributed to AUSKF member federation but will not be published on this website. Purchasers of raffle tickets may also contact teamusakendo@ between August 20th, 2018 and September 1st, 2018, to receive a copy of the list of raffle winners.

Purchasers of Team USA Kendo Grand Raffle tickets are not limited in the number of prizes they can win. Stated another way, a single person can win multiple prizes, regardless of the monetary value or "level" (Grand, Gold, Silver, Raffle) of the prize.

Current members of Team USA (those listed on the official roster) are prohibited from winning any prizes in the Team USA Kendo Grand Raffle.

Unclaimed Prizes

All prizes must be claimed no later than September 1st, 2018. Team USA Kendo will make a good faith effort to contact all raffle winners between August 18th, 2018, and September 1st, 2018. In the event that a prize remains unclaimed after September 1st, 2018, Team USA Kendo will select a replacement winner at random to receive the prize. Both the original raffle winner (unclaimed) and new raffle winner will have their names included on the official winners list distributed to AUSKF member federations.